This work made of dry beans and lentils was created for the group show called Stracciatellalla held in east Helsinki shopping mall, Hansasilta, in spring 2022.

There are three main buildings in the east Helsinki shopping mall area and the speciality of the area are the exotic food markets and shops.

Outside of the exhibition space, the floors are marble and there is lots of colour orange in wall paintings and signs.

For my bean mosaic work I measured the squares on the marble floors and divided them by two. So the bigger mosaic is half of the marble square, and the smaller bean mosaic (the orange and yellow one) is half of the bigger one.

It was important to use “local” materials for my floor mosaic/paintings, so the beans are from an exotic food market specialised in Turkish and middle-eastern products situated nearby. I chose the legumes carefully to mimic the colour of the marble floor and the orange signs outside of the exhibition space.

During 3 months that the work has been on the floor, caused by humidity in the space, the legumes have started to sprout...